Monroe Crossing has been entertaining audiences with their own brand of bluegrass for the past 20 years. They have performed over 2,200 shows throughout the USA, Canada and Europe. Their travels have taken them to South Korea and even Carnegie Hall. 

Monroe Crossing perform traditional bluegrass, original bluegrass and some fun songs outside the genre. They also collaborate with choral ensembles performing  such works as The World Beloved: A Bluegrass Mass and Mortals & Angels: A Bluegrass Te Deum.

Since forming in northeast Minneapolis in 2006, The High 48s have been making music that combines the soulful sound of classic bluegrass with a modern attitude. 

They’re a band with one foot in tradition and the other in the world of music today,  and one of the very few who can find an overlooked bluegrass classic in a song by M. Ward or the Clash then throw down hard on a standard by Bill Monroe.

The High 48s are also a band of songwriters. Here, too, they take a modern approach, heeding the well-worn advice to writers: write what you know. Their songs ring true to their lives as northern city-folk rather than an imagined “sweet, sunny south” of coal mines and dark hollers.

Gentlemen Dreadnought is the combined effort of  Clint Birtzer and Derek Johnson.  When Derek isn't performing with Monroe Crossing and Clint isn't busy with The High 48s these guitar pickers enjoy performing as the bluegrass duo Gentlemen Dreadnought.

The two enjoy the simplicity of a duet where they have fun exchanging guitar licks, but what Clint and Derek enjoy the most is the way their vocals merge together in "brother duet" like harmony. Whether picking out blazing bluegrass numbers, singing heart breaking old time country songs, or harmonizing on traditional gospel tunes these two established and seasoned musicians put on a great show in any setting.